AZ Shield Home Inspections

At AZ Shield Home Inspections, we are here not to scare you but to give you peace of mind about your home!

We understand that the home inspection process can be stressful. That is why our honest and straightforward approach makes the whole process easier on the customer. Our thorough inspections and recommendations give you the peace of mind you deserve for buying and selling your property.

Unlike other home inspectors, we test irrigation systems, fencing, low voltage yard lighting and more as a courtesy to our clients at no extra cost. We go above and beyond at AZ Shield Home Inspection to help ease the stress of buying or selling a home.

At AZ Shield Home Inspections, we also inspect manufactured homes. Part of the services we provide for manufactured homes includes inspecting the crawl spaces, which incorporates duct work, retaining walls, insulation, signs of pest intrusion, plumbing leaks, and more.


Doug Groshong

Why Get a Home Inspection?


An important part of the home inspection is to make sure the home is safe. The inspector will look at the electrical system and make sure it is in proper working order. You don’t want to live in a home with an unsafe electrical system.

Peace of Mind

An inspection report guarantees that you understand the condition of the home when the sale finalizes which can ultimately bring you peace of mind. All in all, you don’t want any major surprises shortly after moving into your new home.

Cost Efficient

An inspection on a condominium can be as little as $275 while the cost of a single-family home inspection ranges from $275 to $700 or more. In the end, the money is worth the investment. A quality home inspection can keep you from having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Free Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is an advanced technique that can indicate many potential defects within the heat spread across a building uncovering hidden issues. This service is included with each inspection.

Repair Request Summary

Our advanced computer reporting software, Spectora, gives our clients easy to read reports with an itemized repair list at your finger tips.

Same Day Report

Because time is of the essence, we get you the inspection report on the same day of your inspection. We also take the time to go over your report and answer any questions, on site, after the inspection is complete. Can not guarantee same day report on third party inspections (i.e. termite, plumbing) and subcontractors.

Full Color Photos In Every Report

Included in each report are full color pictures that match the description of the areas that need to be addressed.

Low Cost Re-Inspection

If requested by the client/agent, AZ Shield Home Inspections will be happy to re-inspect the deficiencies, that have been professionally repaired.